Month: August 2014

Knowing AoA

This is a very good video explaining AoA (Angle of Attack).

I have seen many of pilots fly planes close to the edge and only worry about airspeed with out really know how hard the wing is working.

Damon G. Atwood

Your selling STUFF?????


We have accumulated a bunch of crazy stuff over the years, and it just keeping pouring on in. Every 3-4 weeks we will post in our Discount Den what we are selling. And all sales go to building bigger and greater things.  We have plastic kits, old glow engines, ESC’s radio’s, props, and stuff.

Damon G. Atwood

New and Improved!!!

After 5 years we have decided to upgrade our website. This is easy to update, and will have more by the week updates on builds and cool news.

Rock ON!!!!


Damon G. Atwood

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