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May be just like last year

To be honest, family, work, and life has always taken a front seat to my aviation life. Last year was a year I missed SEFF, did not get to fly once, but saw me get some cool designs done, and post more build video’s on my YouTube Channel.

Well, this year already looks to be about the same. I hope to make SEFF, and I hope to do more flying, but my family and work will always come before my hobby.

So, the C130 will not be done until late summer (I hope) and my other projects will also follow after the C130. I hope to get the Emmaselle II in the air by SEFF, but the cold hard facts are that I am about to start something very cool in my work life which to me is a once in a life time opportunity.

Rock ON!!!

Damon G. Atwood