Month: June 2015

Airframe Design 101 Part 1 of a 5 part Series

Had a few pals ask me about how I set up my planes so they fly right.

I have found out that many who design and build a plane from scratch, and not just a plan builder miss that the wing incidence may not be the same as the full-scale bird.

This may take months as my new job is a blast!! But I plan on getting these done by the end of 2015.




Over the last few years I have received many e-mails about design, what makes a designer, how design works, and how I became a designer.

I have decided I will do a series of post (4-5 parts) which will follow how I feel I became a designer. I know many will say ” you are not a designer Damon as you have no formal schooling or training” all I have to say to that is Bollocks!!

I plan on creating a few slides and maybe even a few videos. This will take some time as I am deep in new exciting challenges with my new job.

So stay tuned and I hope to share some fun design excitement!!

Cheers, DAG

All work and NO play??? Well……. not really

I got a ranting e-mail last night that I am letting all my aviation pals down.

Fact!!!!!  LOL, I will be doing a bunch of cool things this year.

Fact!!! LOL, I have started a new gig that will make your mind EXPLODE!!! My new job is so KEWL!!!!

Fact!!!! LOL, I will be getting the EII new wings done soon.

FACT!! LOL, the C130 is very complex and will take time and is on hold. Just the PLC for the gear sequencer is cooking my brain.

FACT!!!!! I will be doing aviation stuff, BUT, Family, LIFE, WORK, and sanity comes before aviation..


Rock ON everyone……



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