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May be just like last year

To be honest, family, work, and life has always taken a front seat to my aviation life. Last year was a year I missed SEFF, did not get to fly once, but saw me get some cool designs done, and post more build video’s on my YouTube Channel.

Well, this year already looks to be about the same. I hope to make SEFF, and I hope to do more flying, but my family and work will always come before my hobby.

So, the C130 will not be done until late summer (I hope) and my other projects will also follow after the C130. I hope to get the Emmaselle II in the air by SEFF, but the cold hard facts are that I am about to start something very cool in my work life which to me is a once in a life time opportunity.

Rock ON!!!

Damon G. Atwood

C130 (160″) Update

The C130 is still on schedule for a March 2015 test flight. If weather permits, mid March will be taxi testing and then around the last week the test and shake down flights. The project is moving along very well. With the help of a few pals we are now designing our own micro sequencers that will operate all the jack screws on the landing gears. We plan to have all gear design done by November 1st. In November we will start on the motor nacelles and wings.   The finial mating of the two fuselage halves should happen by mid December.

Damon G. Atwood


A320 Construction set for Summer 2015

I have had many ask why I have not designed and built a large EDF (electric ducted fan). The biggest reason is large EDF units are terribly expensive, plus they just are not big enough. A few years ago I had a bunch of 18-12 props left over from testing on my B-36 so I designed a make-shift (large) fan for a EDF unit which would be 12″ in diameter. While the test went well the fan was destroyed in testing. The picture attached is of the #2 test fan which never got tested (shown without hub), but the #1 fan gave me enough data to show me that my design and idea may work. The rendering is that of a fan unit which would go on a 200″ span A320.

A320 JE-015                                       IMG_0613

Damon G. Atwood

Knowing AoA

This is a very good video explaining AoA (Angle of Attack).

I have seen many of pilots fly planes close to the edge and only worry about airspeed with out really know how hard the wing is working.

Damon G. Atwood

Your selling STUFF?????


We have accumulated a bunch of crazy stuff over the years, and it just keeping pouring on in. Every 3-4 weeks we will post in our Discount Den what we are selling. And all sales go to building bigger and greater things.  We have plastic kits, old glow engines, ESC’s radio’s, props, and stuff.

Damon G. Atwood