DAG’s Impossibly Free 3D Engine Designs (STL’s)

Hi everyone. I am making a few of my 3D engines STL’s available for free. If you have any money to spare for this effort please go to my front page and buy my book. Many of these 3D files I sold for over $90.00. The cost of my book is very little for what you are receiving. However, if you don’t have the money that’s fine. Feel free to download my zips.


Click here- Continental O-170





Click here- O-170 HK  1/5th Scale





Click Here- O-170 HK 1/4th Scale





Click Here- O-170 HK 1/3rd Scale





Click here- Continental R670





Click Here- Mercedes D.III





Click here- P&W 985 9 Cylinder





Click here- P&W R2800 Zip





Click here LeRhone 1/3 Scale STL Zip

Click here LeRhone 1/4 Scale STL Zip





Click here- Le Rhône Type 7B .33






Click here- B-24 82.5mm 3.25″