DAG’s Impossibly Free 3D Engine Designs (STL’s)

Hi everyone. I am making many of my Designs, CAD’s, and STL’s available for free.


If you feel you want to give, you can do that on my front page.


Click here- Continental O-170





Click here- O-170 HK  1/5th Scale





Click Here- O-170 HK 1/4th Scale





Click Here- O-170 HK 1/3rd Scale





Click here- Continental R670





Click Here- Mercedes D.III





Click here- P&W 985 9 Cylinder





Click here- P&W R2800 Zip





Click here LeRhone 1/3 Scale STL Zip

Click Here LeRhone 1/4 Scale STL Zip





Click here- Le Rhône Type 7B .33






Click here- B-24 82.5mm 3.25″