B-36D (257″ Span) Design Files and Printed Plans


This is the most complex design I had ever attempted. I started the design in 2006, and the build in 2008. I ended up with 4000 hours in this project, 700 hours of it being in the design phase. I canceled this project after 8 years of problems not due to the design of the air-frame, but rather do to the systems I tried to buy from other companies. The landing gear was a mess and I should have designed my own. Also, the propellers back then where hard to find, again, I should have designed my own. In fact I had a company make me custom propellers that came to me with broken tips, and the hole drilled incorrectly, they would not take a return, and in the end I had to throw them away. The B-36D is my next project, and I will be designing all systems myself this time.

Depending on your order, you will receive a link to download PDF drawings, download Renderings, download AutoCad files, or have a Thumb-drive with Files and Printed Drawings sent to your home. All drawings are 1:1 scale to be plotted at 42″ wide plotter paper. All “printed sets” will have two pages printed of parts which are cut out, one sheet of plans to build off of.

I have decided to offer all my designs to the world. Many of these projects have hundreds, and a few, thousands of hours invested in them. Please note: My drawings designs are not for the beginner. In fact, my drawings are not “traditional plans” but Cad designs of plans with all the parts needed to make a awesome aircraft. I make my design available also in virtually any scale you want. However when I do “re-scale” it will change the sizes of many “notches” made in parts. This is a simple fix as when you go to cut your parts out, you will sizes these “notches” to the size of wood you are using. An example may be in a bulkhead. When I design the plane I may have designed the notch to fit a 1/4″ square stick. When I scale it down the notch may be 3/16″. To fix this you will simply take a 1/4″ stick and align it on the plan and sketch around it.

Here you can find my design files for my B-36D Project.

Package #1 ($65.00)- B-36D PDF Drawings (Downloadable)

Package #2 ($110.00+ shipping)- B-36D Printed Drawings, Rendering Picture Set (Sent to your home)

Package #3 ($155.00)- B-36D AutoCad and PDF Drawings (Downloadable)

Package #4 ($165.00)- B-36D AutoCad, PDF Drawings, Rendering Picture Set (Downloadable)

Package #5 ($199.00+ shipping)-B-36D Printed Drawings, AutoCad, PDF Drawings, Rendering Picture Set (Sent to your home)

Package #6 ($225.00+ shipping)-B-36D Printed Drawings, AutoCad, Compufoil, PDF Drawings, Rendering Picture Set,(Sent to your home)

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I sell these files in good faith to cool aviators. Please don’t screw me over!!

Warning. It is against a persons best interests to share their designs. For this reason I have added a refinement to each file I share. Be warned, these files are only for your personal use, as in the person of record who paid for it. I have every right to take any and all legal action against anyone who shares, sells, or pirates my files. Once you purchase the file, you will only have access to the download for 5 days. If, in the future you need the file, just e-mail me and I will re-activate the link.




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