P-40E STL File


I sell this STL file in good faith to cool aviators. Please don’t screw me over!!

Warning. It is against a persons best interests to share their designs. For this reason I have added a refinement to each STL file I share. Be warned, these files are only for your personal use, as in the person of record who paid for it. I have every right to take any and all legal action against anyone who shares, sells, or pirates my STL files. Once you purchase the file, you will only have access to the download for 5 days. If, in the future you need the file, just e-mail me and I will re-activate the link.






CAD STL files of designs that have taken me hundreds of hours to produce.

Designs are not 100% replications of Aircraft parts, pieces, and systems. However, they are close and COOL!!


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STL File

STL 3D Cad File type 1