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Gun in the flight deck. Two dead pilots. A flight deck fire. A fifty-three-year-old burned-out lighting sales guy. Seconds count. Frozen in fear no one knows what to do or how to help. Do you sit back, close your eyes, and wait for deaths cold entry into your soul? Or do you act? Do you try anything? But if you do nothing, you’re dead, along with one-hundred-one souls on board the stricken airliner!




Paperback book signed by Damon Atwood of his first book, Victor-Mayday.

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$16.00! First class shipping adds $2.00. U.S. sales only.


Damon Atwood was born in the 1960’s. Like many young boys who grew up watching NASA go to the moon, he loved anything which flew. He was infected with the aerospace bug watching the space-race. Now in his fifties, he has enjoyed many aspects of aviation. He first started with building plastic models of World War II fighters. Then, he fell in love with building stick and tissue balsa planes which were powered by rubber bands. In his early teens, he ventured into glow-powered control-line model aircraft. This of course led to Radio Control Models. Some that were the size of small full-scale aircraft. In his twenties, he received his pilot’s licenses. So, for more than six decades he has had an obsession for anything which flies.