Damon Atwood (DAG)

Damon AtwoodCEO, Designer, Builder, Test Pilot and Ground Pilot.

  • Fusion 360 Expert (In his own mind)
  • Designer
  • NPD
  • Manufacturing
  • Tinkerer & Perfectionist
  • Going where no man has gone before!



CFO, keeper of the budget and checkbook so we don’t go too crazy.  Perhaps the sanest member of this entourage.

  • Market Place Admin
  • Accounting



President – keeps a keen eye over Damon to keep him building, she also convinces him to go for a dirt-bike ride.

  • Shipping
  • Marketing

Klaus VanCrashinsmart

Test Pilot – Some say he cannot be seen in a mirror because the reflection is only a blur.

  • Daredevil   
  • Quiet, but remarkably passive-aggressive   
  • Probably has a “little Captain” in him