About Our Team

Doing it wrong at least 5 times to get it right once!

Damon Atwood

Damon G Atwood

CEO, Designer Builder, Test Pilot and ground pilot.

  • Design 100%
  • Fabrication 100%
  • Dreamer 100%
  • Tinkerer & Perfectionist 98%
  • Going where no man has gone before 91.3%


CFO, keeper of the budget and checkbook so we don’t go too crazy.  Perhaps the sanest member of this entourage.

  • Budget 85%
  • Making a killer Alfredo 70%
  • Best wife and mom we could have 100%


President – keeps a keen eye over Damon to keep him building, she also convinces him to go for a  dirtbike ride.

  • Customer Happiness 80%
  • Work/Life Balance Monitor 75%
  • Gear junkie like her dad 95%


Corporate Drummer and music system administrator.

  • Keeping tabs on the latest rock music trends 50%
  • Pounding the skins to a classic Genesis tune 80%
  • Hanging out and having fun with the family 95%


Compound Security and grilled meats taste-testing inspector. Sunny is also in charge of all scheduling. Considering she has a IQ of 4 may be the reason for the B36D being so far behind schedule.

  • Perimeter Checks 85%
  • Wet and gushy face licks when you’re not ready 70%
  • Chief culprit when there’s a burger missing from the plate 87%

Klaus VanCrashinsmart

Test Pilot – Some say he cannot be seen in a mirror because the reflection is only a blur, others wonder if he is related to Top Gear’s tame racing driver “The Stig”.

  • Daredevil 80%
  • Quiet, but remarkably passive-agressive 30%
  • Probably has a “little Captain” in him 50%