Support & Giving

Many have voiced they want a way to give and support my goal of keeping my website free.

I have made free over 16 years and 4,000 hours of my designs.

What I offer for free-

3D Engine STL’s

3D Miscellaneous files

Aircraft plans in CAD, PDF’s and some in F360

My promise to you: All support will go to my website fees, aviation projects, updates, and videos.

$10.00 (Fan Level-Cool)




$15.00 (Fan Level-Great)




$25.00 (Fan Level-Awesome)




$50.00 (Fan Level-Stupendous)




$100.00 (Fan Level-Super) will get a free T-Shirt




$250.00 (Fan Level-Mega Bazillion Cool) will get a free T-Shirt & Mug




$500.00 (Fan Level-Holy Shit) will get a Two free T-Shirts & Mug