What could it mean?

Over 25 years ago a father was at a flying field trying to teach his son how to fly RC Planes. They kept arguing and getting a bit upset. A 10-year-old at the time was very young to learn RC planes. So Damon being an instructor asked if he could help. The dad was at his end, and said, “please maybe you can get him to understand”.   Damon started out just flying a trainer and showing the young boy that flying is not only fun but easy once you do it over and over. It is something which you learn from doing. After around 6 weeks Damon had the boy take his solo flight. A week later the dad gave Damon a hat that said “DAG” on it. The dad said it stood for “Damn Awesome Guy”. This nickname has lived with Damon ever since. It has also since been termed DAG-Damon Aircraft Group. That was started on RC Groups as many feel Damon should some how figure out how to sell his design with RC airframes.

Damon G Atwood Resume-

RC World

First Rubber Power Sick & Tissue Plane- 1973

First Control Line- 1975

First RC Plane (Glider)- 1980

First RC Plane (Powered)- 1982

First Scratch Built- 1990

First Design- 1996

Started Large Scale Aircraft- 1999

Started Large Scale Aircraft “Electrics”- 2009

Winner SEFF (Best Of Show)- 2010

Other Stuff-


Skydiver-1995 (275 jumps) Stopped when Emma was born.