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Emmaselle 1919 at SEFF

We are asked that a lot! Well about the time Damon turned 12 he started flying control line glow airplanes. When he was 19 he started flying RC planes. By the time he was 26 he was a full-scale pilot, and by the time he was 32 a skydiver. Damon has always loved anything that flies. As far as model aircraft goes he was getting bored with all the airplane kits that were being made on the market. So he started plan building. Plan building is where you take someone else design and cut out all the parts and build a plane. Soon that became boring and Damon started designing his own airframes and started build very large and unique aircraft. Over that last 10 years, he acquired many tools need to build such one of a kind aircraft.  Tools like lathes, mills, drill presses, band saws, and such was a major priority to build large projects. Today Damon designs in 2D CAD the parts, then test fits them in 3D, and if all goes well he plots the parts with his 42″ plotter. Then he cuts ever part by hand and machines the parts which are made of harder materials. In the end, Damon has created some really cool award-winning projects. And if you ever just want to chat feel free to contact us about any of our designs or projects.

The Next Level-

Damon has now decided to take his designs “Prime-Time”. With his extensive experience in 3D design, and 3D printing, Damon is now enjoying great sucsess with providing unmatched designs.